• Who are the people in need that your are giving your Socks & Souls socks to?

Well, just like the needs of those in need vary, our giving varies too! We go out and personally give our socks to homeless shelters, veteran’s complexes, children’s hospital, under-privileged classrooms, etc. We do not discriminate against any type of need and we give to those who can benefit from soul warming endeavors. If you know of a location or organization in need of some soul warmers, please contact us at 224.325.4537 or send an email to: info@socksandsouls.com

For more information about sock giving, visit our soul warming Giving Page

  • How can I help with the Socks & Souls giving efforts?

We know there are other 'Soul-Samaritans' out there who are just like us and want to warm souls through soles. Besides becoming a Socks & Souls member, or gifting some Socks & Souls socks to someone else, you can join us on one of our monthly giving drops off or add to our ‘sockpile’ of giveable socks. To help us in any way with our giving efforts, please feel free to contact us at: info@socksandsouls.com

  • What does my Socks & Souls money go towards?

The prices of socks range, we all know that. So does the cost of shipping, hosting a website, accepting credit cards, paying online fees, etc. So your payment not only goes to toward purchasing 2 pairs of socks, 1 for your feet and 1 for someone in need, but it also goes to the all the things associated with running Socks & Souls and helping warm souls though soles.

Remember, each month we are not only purchasing loads of great, amazing socks, but we are also mailing our members socks, hand delivering socks to those in need, and lots of other tasks we don't want to bore you with. Without you, Socks & Souls could not be possible so we thank you for becoming a member and supporting our soulful endeavors!

  • What if I do not like my Socks & Souls stylish socks?

Our soul warmers did not met your sole’s specifications? Our in-house math geeks have determined that is not possible! Just kidding, it's bound to happen. Unfortunately, we do not offer returns on any of our socks to help keep our costs low and if it happens that your feet really do not like our stylish socks, be a Soul-Samaritan and donate your socks to someone else and help them get ‘back on their feet’. Or check our our Pinterest Page and make a craft with your funky socks; be sure to post it on our Facebook Page, or even Tweet about it too as we would love to see what you did to satisfy your soul! 

  • Where does Socks & Souls get their socks from?

One day we hope to design our own soul warmers however as of now, we use a variety of suppliers and stores that offer various styles and brands, just like many other stores that sell specialty socks do. Why not just stick with one? Well, using multiple feet loving suppliers and stores from around the world lets us provide a vast array of styles to help us meet all the desires of our customer's feet! Do you know of a sock brand or supplier that you want to see us feature so you can help warm souls through soles? If so, please let us know at info@socksandsouls.com and we will contact them!

  • Can I pay for a Socks & Souls by check or by phone?

Currently, we only offer online check out with credit cards or Paypal as that is the ‘simplest’ way to help us warm souls. Plus we want you to stop killing trees and wasting your phone minutes which is why we offer online orders only with just a few simple clicks! Trust us, your soul, and soles, will thank you for doing it this way!

  • I have a question that I did not see the answer to what should I do?

Email us at info@socksandsouls.com or visit our Facebook or Instagram Page for more information.