About Socks

We have different types of socks to fit the whole family so that everyone can always putting their best Socks & Souls wearing foot forward!

Choose from our sockpile of cunning crew socks for men, artistic ankle, clever crew and keen knee high socks for women and of course, we also have awesome ankle, creative crew and kid friendly knee high socks for youth too! Want to see our sockpile of socks? Check out our socks by visiting our Pinterest Socks page.

Our stylish socks should fit the soles of most of our members as our sock sizes are just like the sizes you find in stores. See our sizing guide for typical sizing information.

Socks & Souls works with various sock suppliers to make sure you are always putting your best feet forward. Some of the major sock companies we have teamed up include SoxLand International, K. Bells Socks, Davco Socks and Hot Sox. 

Considering such, we do offer a wide variety of socks styles, however almost all of our socks are between 98%-95% Polyester and 2%-5% Spandex, which is the typical materials and percentages that you would find on most specialty funky socks sold in retail stores, which is where we get our socks from, in addition to some special sock suppliers.

The percent ranges of Polyester vs. Spandex are based on the style, i.e. mens vs. womens vs. kids. Some socks might have a different material added in, for special textures, like a sparkled thread in a pattern or fluff on an animal, however if you would not want those, please let us know and we could make sure we never ship you out anything out of the ordinary.

Do you have questions about our socks? We might already have an answer to your queries on our FAQ Page or on our extended FAQ page but if not, please contact us at 224.325.4537 or send an email to: info@socksandsouls.com

So when was the last time you, or someone you loved, treated the soles of their feet to a new pair of socks? Become a supporter of Socks & Souls today and warm your soul, and soles, the simple way!