Minion Socks

Just like Minions, these socks evolved from single-celled small yellow organisms at the dawn of time and live to serve your feet and all their soulful needs! These cylindrical yellow creatures with their wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence makes them totally relatable and they will be sure to warm not only your soles, but your soul too! Minion Socks can be ordreed here: and are made to fit Female Shoe Sizes 5½-9 & Male Shoe Sizes 5½-7½. Don't forget that for every single pair of Minion socks purchased, a pair of socks will also be given away to someone in need so you will be warming souls through soles! Please note that 6 pairs of Minion Socks are pictured to show off some of our sweet variety of styles! With each single order, you will get one pairs of socks from those pictured above or you can order the all 6 pairs and save! 

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