Serenity House Delivery!

Today was DONATION DAY! That's right - This is the day we work towards every month and get excited about! We were able to drop off a sockpile of amazing socks to the wonderful people at Serenity House Counseling Services, Inc. - They are always so fun to talk to and it's a great reason to be excited about socks as well as giving back!

It was great getting to see Lisa again - whom we met a few weeks back.  She was overjoyed with the socks - and we are really looking forward to giving more socks to them in the future. 

As always, we give one pair of socks to the organizations who help others every month!  People who purchase socks from us (from our booth at various local events and all of our monthly online members) are helping to get everyone rocking in some great lookin' socks.  What are you waiting for?

Oh, what's that? You want to help out, too? Great! Head on over to our sock subscriptions (or how about our specials, or maybe our customer requested) and get your own sweet socks for your fantastic feet and be part of the awesome!

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