International Cat Day Socks!

Cat lovers around the world rejoice! Today is #InternationalCatDay - the day when moggies rule the internet (even more than usual). Make sure your feet are putting their best foot forward in some fun fashionable feline socks from Socks and Souls! Meow!

Celebrated on August 8, International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002.

In the decade since, the world's most famous cats have acheived international fame on many fronts, including fashion and their ability to sleep in weird places.

The most revered internet kitty of all, Grumpy Cat - real name Tardar Sauce - has amassed millions of fans around the world.

In fact, the internet's obsession with felines has become such a phenomenon, New York's Museum of the Moving Image has opened an exhibition to all things cat, called How Cats Took Over The Internet.

And the Internet Cat Video Festival, which will be held on August 12 this year, attracts thousands. Voting is now open for the People's Choice Award.

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