Top 10 Reasons Why Dads Are Awesome

10. Dads are amazing at multitasking.


9. Dads have a wonderful sense of irony


8. Dads will be right there with their kids - even working out.


7. Dads know how to be frugal (and still be sweet).


6. Dads have a sharp wit - can you guess his name?


5. Dads possess an uncanny ability to dance well.


4. Dads offer the best tech support a house could want.


3. Dads are a wonderful canvas for young minds.


2. Dads are also a wonderful dance partner!


1. Dads have the best dad jokes, and you never know when you might get one!



If you're dad is amazing as well - let us know below in the comments about how or why he is so awesome!
Three cheers for all those great dads out there!

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