Top 8 Reasons Why Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Perfectly Fine!

1. Fedoras are great... but socks with sandals really get your attention and instantly raise your level of greatness.

2. When traveling abroad - you might need to traverse a volcano (while looking awesome).

3. Socks and sandals make you look totally prepared for anything, anywhere - even hiking.

4. They are perfect when you want to look like an athlete scouting the competition.

5. Ever been in class and need to relax without getting your feet frozen on the tile? Socks and sandals have you covered.

6. If you want to wear shorts when everyone else is stuck in pants - go ahead.

7. At the company picnic - show your boss you you are not afraid to mix business with pleasure (you are welcome for the incoming raise).

8. Your best friend just got the same pair and you want to show them off.

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