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As summer approaches you need to make sure you have your sock game running at its best!

Socks are a staple of any well rounded wardrobe and your sock selections should say something about you.

Often, socks are cast aside as an entirely missed opportunity at evoking a keen sense of style. People who love style end to be quick to pay close attention to details like ties and pocket squares, but many of us forget to extend that same attention to detail when it comes to what’s underneath our shoes. Ladies and gentlemen, we implore you to think about your socks in an entirely different way! Give these accessories the attention they warmly deserve. Socks are without a doubt an easy and awesome way to add subtle boldness, personality, and style to your every day outfit. With all the shapes, styles, materials, and patterns available these days, there’s a world of opportunity out there. We’re here to point you in the right direction, so you can turn your sock game up a notch or two. Read on for guidelines to choose the right pair to complete any look.



Definitely designed to draw attention and make a statement, novelty socks are an interesting way to evoke your inner fun! As you might have guessed - this is our absolute favorite category because this is where you can find the really, really awesome socks! You can find novelty socks for any occasion or interest from popcorn to mustaches to sloths and everything (literally) in between. If you love to be unique and stand out while looking sharp you should check out some of our novelty socks.



Polka dots, stripes, lines, argyle; if you can imagine it you can find it on a sock. Patterned socks can definitely bring a little eye-catching finesse to your ankle area without bringing about a full on apocalypse of color and excitement. Patterned and printed socks are extremely popular right now, because they are great at adding a sense of lightheartedness to your ensemble. At the very least, you should have a few nice striped socks in your wardrobe.

 Bright Solids

While not as much 'fun' as novelty socks our patterned socks, brightly colored socks are perfect for accenting any outfit from casual to business formal. We recommend having a variety of colors in your wardrobe so you can contrast your socks whenever you please, for those inevitable times when novelty or patterned socks might be a little 'too much'. Some popular colors to own are green, various shades of blues, purples or greens.

 Sock Tips

  • You have inevitably heard that novelty socks should be avoided, and maybe years ago that was probably for the best. These are the modern days however, so let your personality show! Just make sure the novelty socks on your feet accentuate your personality, and you’ll be good to go. If you decide to rock novelty socks, keep the rest of the ensemble relatively simple to let your ankle area shine.
  • Patterned socks are a great way to add your own personality with a slightly more reserved appearance. When choosing which patterned socks to wear, a good rule of thumb is to match with a color that you’re wearing above the waistline (i.e. the color of your shirt, blouse, tie, scarf or sport coat).
  • Another rule of thumb for patterned socks: avoid matching the pattern of your socks with a pattern that already exists somewhere else in your look. If you’re wearing a striped shirt, try dotted socks. If you’re wearing an argyle sweater, try subtle stripes instead. Similarly, if there’s already a lot of pattern going on in your look, perhaps reach for the solids or neutrals instead and save your patterned socks for another day.
  •  As much as we love novelty and patterned socks, if you are in a conservative environment (i.e. working with money, attending a funeral, or going to an important meeting) or simply want to stick to the classics, match your sock color to that of your pants and keep it simple with some solids or lightly patterned socks.
  • If you do match your socks to your pants, try to play around with texture to add a bit of visual interest while maintaining an overall subdued appearance. Ribbed socks are a great way to pull this off, and are available in virtually every neutral color on the market.

If you've got more sock fashion tips of your own - let us know below in the comments, we would love to hear more about how people can keep their look stylish!

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