This month socks will be given to the Hamdard Center on behalf of our 1 for 1 sock motto.

Superhero Socks

$ 10.00

Are you a fan of the strength, speed and overall awesomeness of Superheros? Well if you are indeed a fan of everything that Superheros represent, then you must become a Socks and Souls Superhero subscriber! Choose how many pairs of Superhero socks you want magically delivered straight to your mailbox, and someone in need will also get the same amount of pairs of socks given to them too - Talk about superpowers! 

You can choose from Batman Socks, Superman Socks, Marvel Hero Socks, DC Comic Socks or even decide to get a Random Superhero Sock Subscription and you will get various pairs of Superhero socks for your awesome feet! 

These pairs of premium socks are available by popular demand so make sure you show off how much of a Superhero Fan you are by subscribing to these awesome socks and why not add on a monthly subscription to Socks and Souls for a friend so that they too can get a gift that keeps giving!

Sock Size 10-13 typically fits Male Shoe Sizes 8-12 & Female Shoe Sizes 10-13
Sock Size 9-11 typically fits Female Shoe Sizes 5½-10 & Male Shoe Sizes 5½-7½

Don't forget that for every pair of Superhero socks you receive, a pair of socks will also be given away to someone in need so that they too can feel like a superhero!

Why are you still reading? Treat your feet like the Superheros they are: They carry you around to where you want to go each and everyday!

Please note that all of the socks pictured are to show off some of our sweet Superhero variety! With each subscription, you will get the amount of Superhero socks you selected from all of the various styles pictured to match your request!