• Questions about how Sock & Souls memberships work?

Please visit our Membership Subscription Page as we might have answered one of your soul burning questions there. If not, look below and hopefully we have you covered here instead. If you still don't see your question - try our extended FAQ page (Warning: lots of reading!) 

  • With a Socks & Souls membership subscription, do I get to choose the pair of stylish socks I receive and give?

In a word, no. They are a happy surprise every month - an unexpected and unknown present of awesome to you, for being awesome. It is like your Birthday, but once a month! Don't fret though, if you really want to pick an individual pair of soul warmers, Contact Us and we will see what we can do about getting you that dreamy pair that caught your eye! As a bonus, some months we will offer the option to order additional limited edition socks that will knock your other boring socks off your feet! Feel free to check out some of our socks by visiting our Pinterest Socks Page!

  • When do Socks & Souls members receive their soul warming socks?

For our sock subscribing members, our stylish socks are shipped out, for free, on the first week of each month so that our members can be putting their best Socks & Souls wearing foot forward nearly all month long. For new members, their first pair of stimulating socks are mailed within a week of their order and then the first week of the following months for the rest of their subscription order. Dependent on how far your feet are from us, once shipped, your feet will be wearing our socks within 4-6 business days in most cases.

For our socks that we give to those in need, at the end of each month we calculate the number of great socks shipped out to our members over the month. We then gather up the same amount of additional pairs and select a location or organization with individuals in need and personally hand deliver a variety of amazing socks (the same we send to our members) to the organization.

  • Does becoming a subscription member of Socks & Souls require a contract or commitment of any kind? What is the catch for something so awesome?

No catch, just awesome! When you sign up for a Socks And Souls Subscription Membership we handle all of the heavy lifting and make the rest easy on you. Our memberships are set to automatically renew - meaning you will never miss out on your monthly pair of socks and those in need won't miss out on theirs either. If for some reason you decide you want to cancel - you can contact us via email at info@socksandsouls.com and we'll get you all set.

  • So, I still have questions - is that okay?

Of course it is! If you didn't see your question - try our extended FAQ page (warning: lots of reading!) Alternatively, you can feel free to get in touch in other ways too, such as: